Monday, November 17, 2014

MAKEUP | NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review

I am so excited that I manage to restock my favorite lipgloss of all time! Yes, I am talking about NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream that everyone is raving about. I heard it is sold out in Sephora (Malaysia) and I feel like I am going to miss enjoying my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream when I am back in Malaysia 


Last weekend I went to ULTA Carbondale and I'm super excited because they have restocked their NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream except for the color Transylvania & Zurich which I heard have restocked Transylvania today. I wish I can buy Transylvania soon because I want to experiment my looks with dark purple lip colors. I am an avid lover of Sao Paolo because of its plummy pink shade compliments my skin color! By the way, my skin color is in NC 42 (MAC). So, I have bought 10 extra colors that I felt would compliment my skin color.

The NYX SOFT MATTE LIP CREAM is neither a lipstick nor a lipgloss. I would say this lip cream is suitable who prefer a matte finish without dehydrating their lips because this lip cream moisturizes our lips. Not to mention the buttery smell that is a plus one for me because I am really tempted to taste it (bad girl!). I always apply my lip balm before wearing my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream especially during winter to hydrate my lips more.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

MAKEUP | ELF Cosmetics Haul

Hey girls, finally I have the time to update my blog (YAY!) I am caught up with my final semester assignments and projects which is such a bummer but I will update regularly sometime in December (GRADUATION wohoo!)

In order to remind myself that I have to review these lovelies from ELF cosmetics, I have decided that I should include a new segment in my blog called "MakeUp Haul". I do hope some of my hauls and future reviews would help my readers choose their desired make up. This is my first time purchasing ELF cosmetics makeup and after countless of youtube reviews, I made my purchase at


What did I get from ELF Cosmetics? 

Monday, November 10, 2014

MAKEUP | Naked 1 or Naked 2 or Naked 3?

"Apa beza Urban Decay Naked 1, Naked 2 & Naked 3?"

Yes, I know I arrived a bit late in the  Urban Decay Naked Palette bandwagon but I really want to share something awesome! Semalam buat sale 20% (almost) everything in their website  (Urban Decay included yay!) & lepas kira kira after discount from $54 jadi $43.20 ($3.6/RM 12.24 per color before tax) so WHY NOT hahahaha. Namun, dah namanya perempuan asal sale je ingat semua nya murah dan dah mula berangan nak beli all 3 Urban Decay Naked Palette sebab mengada.


Kali ini tak nak terjebak dalam gejala pembaziran. Fikir fikir balik, aku bukannya rajin sangat guna eyeshadow tiap tiap hari. So, buat research sebelum beli & rupa rupa nya kena tahu at least 3 perkara sebelum beli Urban Decay Naked Palette.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

MAKEUP | Cara Cara Memilih Foundation Muka

Bedak asas (Foundation) memang benda yang paling penting bila kita nak mula belajar tentang makeup sebab bila kita jumpa foundation yang serasi dengan kulit muka, outcome make up memang flawless & natural looking.

10 Sebab Kenapa Kita Mesti Guna Foundation

  • Sebagai barrier dari pollution dan toxin di sekitar kita
  • Even out warna kulit kita dan tambahkan radiance pada complexion muka
  • Mengecilkan lubang pori
  • Kerosakan pada kulit muka (parut, jerawat etc) boleh jadi less obvious
  • Sebagai base untuk make up lain
  • Sebagai sunscreen untuk melambatkan proses penuaan pada kulit dan kanser kulit
  • Meningkatkan confidence level kita
  • Foundation yang tepat boleh buatkan kita nampak lebih muda
  • Foundation mengandungi moisturizer dan anti ageing ingredients
  • Untuk yang berkulit cerah, ia boleh mengurangkan masalah kemerahan pada kulit

Nak dapatkan foundation yang serasi dengan muka sebenarnya tak susah tapi kena ingat yang foundation muka ni gunanya untuk create base for the flawless skin, bukannya untuk putihkan muka kita. Kalau kita beli foundation yang warna dia lagi cerah dari kulit muka kita, memang muka nampak macam kena tabur tepung. Hehehe. Sebelum pilih foundation kita perlu tahu jenis jenis kulit muka supaya foundation yang dibeli boleh compliment kulit muka.

MAKEUP | Cara Mengenali Jenis Kulit Muka

An important note before we buy or even trying on makeup, is to know what type of skin do we have. Kenapa benda ni penting? Kalau kita guna kan makeup yang salah kat muka kita, memang jerawat confirm naik atau pun muka jadi lagi kering etc. So, kulit muka kita terbahagi kepada lima jenis:
  • normal skin
  • oily skin
  • dry skin
  • combination skin
  • sensitive skin

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Here We Go Again

Assalamualaikum & Hello Everyone!

I'm Athirah (23) and I am a Malaysian. Right now, I am a blogger based in USA and will be coming back to Malaysia after my graduation. 

What I am going to write in my blog?

Make Up
On going life story

I will try to get a better layout for my blog in time so that you can view the pages properly (which I don't know when will that happen but we'll see)

I am not a beauty expert but I do know a thing or two when it comes to makeup. This blog will be focusing on beauty but it will also be the place for me to speak up my mind and compile what I have learnt through out the years of staying abroad. 

I am currently in my senior year in Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. I have lived in America for a while and I have learn a lot about life while I'm here. I hope you would gain some benefit from what I wrote and share it with the people around you.

We'll talk more in my upcoming blogposts! 

P/s: Should I blog in English or Bahasa Melayu? :\ I am still deciding.