Wednesday, January 21, 2015

MAKEUP | NARS Taos Blush Review


Hi everyone... I am sorry for not updating my blog regularly (as I should) because I just moved back to Malaysia from the United States two weeks ago and concurrently, my family just moved back to Malaysia as well from Bangalore, India. As expected, we are in the midst of moving back to the country and I am traveling from PD-Pajam-KL-PD all the time. Right now, I'm just a PTA Trainee in SRC and still waiting for my exam results *sigh*. 

Photos were taken during lunch time so you get the drill here okay?

Anyhow, I am going to introduce you guys to this amazing product called NARS! Yes, I am the same as the rest of us Malaysian here needing to save money before I get my hands on the products I am/will be reviewing so my reviews will be as honest as possible. So lets start with the NARS Taos Blusher!

NARS Taos Blusher